Civica - New construction on Lensmarken

Civica has among several projects a new building under construction, among other. In a smaller village in Denmark named Årslev, Lensmarken. Civica builds its first DGNB-silver-certified housing project with a total of 40 new houses. With the new buildings, there is a focus on sustainability. The building kingdom has taken into account well-lit homes located in a social and green building with room for experiences, good neighborhood and private outdoor space.

Sustainability for the Civica is about creating quality for the individual, reducing unnecessary resource consumption, which are values Lumega can identify with.

For Civica, it is about building good, healthy and well-lit homes. Homes that make the residents safe and happy. In this connection, Lumega was chosen to make an LED light installation on the project. Lumega has supplied and installed outdoor LED wall lighting with sensors on all 40 homes that ensure less waste of resources.

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