Copenhagen Fire Department

The Copenhagen Fire Department wanted to optimize their lighting solution at a couple of areas, including some hangars. Previously, the lighting was switched on 24 hours a day as the staff was annoyed by the old florescent tubes because it took a very long time for them to reach full power. Therefore, the fire-fighting service of Copenhagen wanted a solution which could solve this problem and also create an energy saving.

The solution

As LED lighting for the industrial sector has been advanced and is very popular, Lumega were able to create a solution, which met all requirements. 42 lighting units were changed and the new LED lamps provide full luminous intensity only a few milliseconds after they have been switched on. A sensor, which registers movements in the area, has also been connected. This ensures that the lighting is controlled and can be switched on or off as needed. The new LED lighting units provide an energy saving on 63 % and because of the sensor, an additional 30-40 % saving is assured. The new LED lighting creates a better light quality and more light improves the working environment. Furthermore, the payback time is only two years and the new LED lighting units do not have to be changed for about 20 years, whereas the old lamps needed to be replaced every year. This saves the fire-fighting service of Copenhagen for great expenses concerning maintenance, as an access platform was required every time a lighting unit had to be changed.

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