The largest Danish union and unemployment fund ASE might now also be the most environmentally friendly union and unemployment fund. They have gotten a complete LED system installed in their headquarters in the southern part of Copenhagen. ASE who secures good salary and working conditions for Danes on a daily basis have now secured themselves a healthier working environment in their offices as well as lower energy costs.

The headquarters of ASE is a modern building covered in glass in five stories, located in the attractive area of Copenhagen called Sydhavn with a view to the harbour. While most office lighting projects are relatively simple, illuminating five whole stories will always take a fair share of planning and calculating.

The critical factors to remember while illuminating an office space is first and foremost to ensure the right LUX level at the floor, which basically translates into the amount of light. The next is to prevent glaring, as glaring from artificial sources of light reflects in computer screens, which ultimately will affect the daily work negatively by causing headaches etc.

Apart from the working areas in the office building, we also needed to illuminate other second priority areas like toilets, cantinas and conference rooms.

Our solution

To the headquarters of Ase we found to of our products highly suitable to cover the lighting needs of the entire building. Our versatile NS11 downlight was perfect for this project as it comes in many varieties. To the toilets where the LUX level requirements are low, we could go with a small NS11 of 12W, while we could chose a large NS11 with a high wattage to illuminate the working areas of the building.

The second product we chose to this project can be found in our Onestop portfolio. It is our popular DECOFLEX120 LED strip, which we mounted in a sleek A6 aluminium profile. The profile and LED strip was mounted in long linear lines in the cantina and creates a modern and stylish atmosphere in the lunch eating area.

By choosing ‘just’ two different products to the entire project, we minimize the project cost and generally create a more uniform expression throughout the building. Everybody gets the same amount of light no matter if they work at second or fifth floor.

Both NS11 and the diffuser front glass of the aluminium profile ensures a minimal amount of glaring in the entire building, from office spaces to conference rooms. The quality of light in both the downlight spot and LED strip is quite high, which ensures a healthy indoor climate and working environment. The expected energy savings of the project is no less than 50% as the previous lighting was old fluorescent tubes. NS11 and DECOFLEX120 has a lifespan 5-8 times longer than fluorescent tubes, which alså cuts maintenance costs significantly.

After the complete solution was installed, our dear CEO Rune grabbed his camera and walked around the building to document the results – he even got a few drone shots while he was there! Check the video of the project below.

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