Danske Bank

Danske Bank is Denmark’s largest bank and financial group. The bank provides services to private customers, small and large companies as well as institutional clients. Danske Bank has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and offers a complete range of services and banking operations. The core market of the bank is Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland where it provides services to all types of clients.


The company wanted a new and energy-efficient lighting solution in connection with the optimization of the parking facilities at Holmens Kanal which belongs to Danske Bank’s headquarters.

The solution

Lumega was chosen to conduct the optimization of the parking facilities at Holmens Kanal. The former lighting solution existed primarily of older compact fluorescent tubes which were neither energy-efficient nor environmentally correct. Lumega tailored a solution for the parking facilities and LED is now the key player in the lighting system.

Danske Bank has experienced an energy saving on 45 % compared to the previous solution after the new lighting units have been installed. Furthermore, the lighting quality is significantly improved with LED and the payback time is extremely short, only one year and three months. This is due to the extreme energy saving. The new solution requires less maintenance as the new LED light sources have a longer lifespan. The old fluorescent tubes had to be changed after 6,000 hours whereas the new LED lights can handle 30,000 hours.

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