International People’s College

2021 marked the 100th anniversary of the International People’s College in Helsingør. This was to be celebrated with a major remodelling and extension. The extension consists of an architectonically beautiful expression of 1.100m2. The project is expected to be completed in 2022 and can thus open the beautiful new facilities for a lot of hopeful students.

About this project

The project includes a large auditorium which can house 150 people. In addition, there is rebuilding of parts of the school. The whole project was skilfully handled by Urban Power, who have utilized great materials. This creates a nice synergy and fits well with the existing building stock. The project amounts to a total of DKK 34 million.

Illustrations kindly borrowed from Urban Power ApS


Lumega is the complete supplier of lighting for the project. The lighting system includes linear luminaires, which are inserted between the ceiling slats. The luminaires are delivered in black, so they will blend in with the ceiling slats. In addition, the NS50 linear luminaire is included in special dimensions as well as our popular NS40 round lamp. The OS0069 wall lamp, which comes in an extra powerful version, was chosen as exterior lighting.
The lighting delivery will be installed by Boysen El & Teknik.

Lighting for schools

Lumega has carried out many renovations of lighting systems in schools. With the newest types of sensor technologies, we can implement the latest high-energy lighting systems without having to rebuild existing lighting systems. This means that we can sustainably implement the latest highly efficient LED lighting system at the school, which contributes positively to the energy accounts. At Lumega, we can also deliver lighting systems for new construction. Here we have extensive experience in designing and planning small and large school projects. Lumega has hired trained lighting designers who can visualize the solutions. Which helps the architect, electrical consultant, or builder to get a good overview. With Lumega, we can reach the goal with the best LED lighting system achieving the least energy consumption, better well-being, and comfort.

Success with a lighting system requires the right lighting partner. Bring Lumega and make use of our trained lighting designers, who can lead you through a new world with modern LED lighting - Where comfort reaches new heights.

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