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Ditur has settled down in Hasselager

Ditur has settled down in Hasselager. Dynamic offices, lounge environments, as well as areas for play and thought flow have been planned in the new, attractive domicile. The domicile is largely characterized by innovative thinking within workplaces and employee cohesion.

Briefly about Ditur

Ditur was founded by Mikkel and Kasper Dissing. The company is perhaps best known for their participation in the Danish TV program Løvens hule. Here they received an investment from Jesper Buch and Jacob Risgaard. The company has hit a niche with internet sales of mid-range watches. Ditur is developing rapidly and now operates throughout Scandinavia. It also means that they outgrew their old premises. To have space for all the new employees, the two twin brothers chose to build a new domicile of 5,000m2 in Hasselager. The domicile can safely be described as particularly unique.

The design of the project

It has been a necessity from the start to include the employees in the spaces that were designed during construction. It had to be modern and at the same time there had to be a focus on the dynamics of the rooms. It is clearly seen that the offices are characterized by attractive materials with good functionality. The offices are open and are separated in some places by shelving. Lounge areas and padel courts form the framework for a high level of employee well-being.

Listed as a turnkey contractor

IBG Erhvervsbyg has been the general contractor on the project. They have developed the project in close collaboration with GPP Arkitekter A/S and Niras A/S. The electrical contract was carried out by el:con. Although the building was built in a time with long delivery times for building materials, IBG Erhvervsbyg managed to deliver the building according to schedule. The total contract was entered directly with the client ApS.

The interior design

When you enter the building, it is clear to see that there have been interior designers on the job. Ambiente, which is otherwise best known for designing exhibition stands, has been responsible for the complete interior design plan. It has succeeded in getting the common thread through the entire construction. With beautiful office furniture, lounge areas, the large meeting point in the canteen and even padel courts.

The lighting system comes into its own

As in many other places in the construction, the lighting also had to depart from the traditional. Lumega has designed the entire lighting system in close collaboration with Ambiente, el:con and the general contractor. Lumega was given the task of ensuring design and functionality went into a higher unity. In other words, we had to keep a focus on lighting fixtures in a nice design, but at the same time the lighting project had to comply with lighting standards. It may sound simple, but it is often experienced that the lighting fixtures, where the design comes first, technically cannot meet the European lighting standards. Here, it was Lumega’s task to design the lighting system so that it met these lighting standards.

The lighting design and lighting fixtures

When the car is parked in the parking lot and the direction goes towards the entrance of the building, the lighting is clearly visible. The lighting is not a standard lighting. Here we are talking about carefully selected lighting, which creates the modern expression in synergy with the interior design. The entrance area is equipped with LED neon Flex to mark an unbroken line throughout the overhang. It is RGB and the light color can be changed between many different color shades. The change in light color goes directly into the domicile, where the toilets have had an aluminum profile plastered into the wall. There is even an unbroken line of light in the wall of each toilet, which forms the basis for shade variation depending on the nature of the event.

The entrance area and other special areas have also had the iconic NS41 installed. The large light rings are in direct synergy with the round shape of a clock and therefore became, in addition to the rail spots, the connecting point for the lighting design in the entrance area.

In the offices, there has been a focus on linear light fittings. Here they are suspended by wire and are ordered in an unbroken line, so that no dark areas occur. The NS50 was chosen in a black RAL color so that they played well with the furniture.

Rail spots have been used in all corridors and in meeting rooms, the entrance area, and the canteen. These rail spots have different scattering angles, so the perfect lighting design was created.

The high storage forms the framework for several thousand shipments. Therefore, the lighting was also important in this area. The NS49, which is known for its high lumen package, is suspended and delivers a lot of light, but with a low UGR, so that the employees, especially in the picking warehouse, have a pleasant working environment.

The energy crisis is predicted on the steps

Lighting makes up approximately 20% of the total energy consumption in a property that houses office environments. If the right LED lighting with high energy efficiency and intelligent light management is implemented, the total energy consumption of the lighting in the building can be reduced to between 7 and 14%. With rising electricity prices and the impending energy crisis predicted to be on the horizon, LED lighting with high energy efficiency will gain more traction than ever before. The basis for implementing LED lighting with an intelligent light control will contribute to a low energy consumption of the lighting in the property.

Ditur project is a good example of very low energy consumption, but the lighting helps form the framework for the exclusive branding in the company. Thus, there is a direct link between energy efficiency, lighting standards, working environment, branding value and less maintenance.

Complete energy efficient lighting design of properties

With the latest lighting requirements, lighting has gradually become more complex than ever before. This also means that especially offices and places where workplaces require prolonged sitting will require lighting specialists who know how to meet the requirements. In addition to the lighting technical requirements that must be met in new construction and in renovation tasks, there are now several other conditions that must be considered. In particular, the energy framework and the energy-saving aspect in relation to the products used in construction is a factor that must be taken into account.

Lumega can help with project planning

If it is new construction or renovation work, Lumega will be able to help with the entire design phase of a lighting system. With the latest product optimization, Lumega has lighting fixtures with market-leading energy efficiency. This means that our lighting fixtures use less energy than most of the other LED lighting fixtures on the market today. Our team of lighting designers and engineers will ensure that the most energy-efficient solution is implemented in your building. In addition, we have a team that ensures that your branding value stands out in the lighting system. The design of the rooms, so that we can deliver the project in a fantastic atmosphere. Good for employees, management and increases the wow effect of customers who visit the property. Whether you represent a general contractor, electrical installer, builder, or something else, Lumega will be able to help with a complete project proposal free of charge.

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