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Energinet Masnedø

In mid-2020, a tender from Energinet Eltransmission A/S was placed as an EU tender for their new 132 KV stations. It was a tender for total consultancy which ended with MOE A/S. The project consists of two partial deliveries for buildings at two different addresses.

About the project

Two new 132 KV stations are being built in Hvalsø and Vordingborg. The stations are GIS installations, i.e., gas-insulated switchgear for supply purposes. Vordingborg municipality has previously completed a new local plan for the area where one of the buildings will be constructed.

Illustrations courtesy of Vordingborg municipality

The lighting system

Lighting systems for tasks like this require extra focus on the function of the areas. In the project, there has been a great focus on high density class of lighting fixtures, high energy efficiency and generally high lumen packages to achieve requirements for lux values ​​and regularity. The project includes 4 different types of fittings. Most of these lamps are supplied with 140 lm/W in the system. This is almost twice as energy efficient as high-efficiency fluorescent lamps. Delivering such high energy efficiency also places demand on the raw LED, which in this case is 205 lm/W.

Lumega was up against a small handful of other lighting suppliers but won this case due to security of delivery and the specifications could be maintained. Finally, Lumega could optimize the lighting design, so that fewer luminaires – and thus installation points – could be reduced. This helped the electrical installer financially, but also ensured the client significantly less energy consumption compared to the bids of the other lighting suppliers.

Lighting for utility facilities

In the past 3 years, Lumega has won several major projects within waterworks, gas supplies, electricity works, etc. The first projects required a lot of reading within the regulations, but after sharing knowledge internally at Lumega, we can handle most tasks within supply and offshore. From the extra high lumen packages for potentially explosive areas. In line with increasing demand for such systems, Lumega can help with planning from the start and deliver a finished functional lighting system.

The project department at Lumega is ready to help with a complete planning of your next project within construction for supply. Economics, planning and clarification of regulations always go into a higher unity. It is a part of our daily life, and it always comes to light in our projects. Use the contact form further down to enter a dialogue about your next project.

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