Flintholm Swimming Facility

By the end of June 2017, the newly renovated public swimming baths in Flintholm Denmark opened their doors to new and modern facilities. The renovation of the facilities in Flintholm is the last major piece in the puzzle of modernizing the entire city of Flintholm. At Lumega, we were so fortunate to be a part of this modernization, when we delivered an energy efficient and durable LED system to the modern facilities.

The public swimming facility in Flintholm was one of the municipality’s top priorities when the city was set to be modernized. The swimming facility and the appertaining sports facility in Flintholm make important centres of attention for both professional athletes and families. These places should be the preferred place for various fun and healthy activities, for every citizen in Flintholm. Being a part of a modernization-process, the lighting in the swimming facility, of course, had to be of the latest LED technology – and this is where Lumega enter into the picture.

The challenge

Flintholm's public swimming facility needed LED downlights, and while these are quite common products for us to manufacture and deliver, there were some important and strict requirements. First of all, the downlights had to be very bright, because of a very high ceiling in the swimming area. The entire project spread over a total of 6,400 square meters, with 25 metres of pool, wellness areas and a café. So a lot of light was needed.

Especially the downlights that were to be placed in the actual swimming areas, had to have a specific kind of durability. The downlights had to be of the right IP (Ingress Protection) which is a rating that determines how waterproof and dust solid a fixture is. When exposed to water and steam on a daily basis, the IP rating had to be very high. A high IP was not quite enough though, as the water in swimming facilities contains both chlorine and ammonia that can cause ill-timed wearing of LED fixtures.

Being a part of a modernization, the LED downlight fixtures also had to be of the highest energy efficiency, and as environmentally friendly as possible. Municipalities in Denmark work within relatively tight budgets, why parameters such as high-energy efficiency and longevity were parameters we had to fulfill.

The solution

At Lumega, a high energy efficiency and longevity are obvious, and a fixed part of our business. We would never compromise quality in that matter, and that made the important requirements from the municipality unproblematic for us to fulfill. The downlights delivered to Flintholm swimming facility was the always-popular NS11 built-in downlight fixture. With an efficiency of 84LPW and a LED lifespan of a guaranteed 50,000 hours, the NS11s met the economic requirements with ease.

NS11 was the right product of choice to the swimming facility, due to its various lumen packages. The fixtures to the swimming area were adjusted to light up a large area from a high ceiling height, while the fixtures to the locker rooms and the café were adjusted to lower ceiling heights. Being a public area with many people using the facilities, the fixtures will be more exposed to vandalism. NS11 easily met this issue, as they are delivered with a high IK10 rating (Impact protection). The aforementioned IP rating of NS11 is also a high IP54, to keep any moisture away from the diode and fixture. To meet the issue of chlorine and ammonia gases in the air of the swimming facility, we delivered the NS11 downlights to Flintholm with an extra layer of coating. This makes the fixture repellent of gases like chlorine that rapidly wears LED fixtures. A great part of the products in our portfolio can be delivered with an extra layer of coating if this is required for your project.

Lumega were chosen for this task, through a costless project proposal and savings calculation. We deliver LED systems to various projects across the globe, and we are always offering a free estimate of both the purchasing price and the potential energy savings of your lighting project.

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