Gladsaxe Swimming Facility

This case is worth mentioning, and is a really good example of what we have said before about the lifetime of the LED compared to traditional light sources. This project shows this in practice.

The Solution

Back in 2012, Lumega provided a complete LED system for Gladsaxe swimming facility. The solution gave a completely different expression, as the LED lighting helps to illuminate the entire swimming facility for the benefit of employees and visitors. In 2018, they chose to completely renovate the old building. We can proudly say that the LED system we installed almost a decade ago still works impeccably.

We helped with a lot of the lighting, and in this project we have provided a customized solution. We installed the product os0051 from our Onestop portfolio. Gladsaxe swimming facility chose an RGB solution with many different shades of color with, among other things, the product NS11 which is a built-in LED downlight luminaire. With this solution they got the ability to control the color of light via wi-fi directly from an app.

Intelligent LED Lighting

The RGB system is an extremely interesting solution, that gives you the opportunity to adjust the lighting according to the needs of your project. You can get the solution in many different colors and formats - downlights, 6060 luminaires, LED strips among others.

Hear what our CEO, Rune S. Larsen, has to say about this case and the lighting solution we implemented to Gladsaxe swimming facility.

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