Glostrup Park Hotel

Glostrup Park Hotel has been through an extensive renovation and addition of the existing hotel, as it wishes to have a greater focus on the market of meetings and conferences in the future. The hotel has been extended with a two-level orangery on 2,800 square feet. With the orangery and an additional expansion in 2016, it will consist of 24 conference rooms and 211 hotel rooms in total.
Glostrup Park Hotel wanted intelligent and environmentally correct solutions in order to make the guest’s visits as comfortable as possible. The previous solution, where incandescent- and energy saving bulbs were used, did not live up to these expectations, which is why Lumega was contacted and asked to create a suitable solution.

The solution

In connection with the extensive renovation, Lumega has delivered the greater part of the new lighting solution. Glostrup Park Hotel has focused on selecting high-quality materials throughout the entire renovation. They wanted to create an exclusive expression and feeling of the hotel, which Lumega has made possible. LED based products have been used in the majority of the renovated hotel and as an intelligent light controlling system has been installed, it has been possible to create an extremely energy friendly lighting solution. The intelligent light controlling system together with the choosing of LED has also led to an energy saving that will create a minimization of Glostrup Park Hotel’s power consumption.

Furthermore, Glostrup Park Hotel has emphasized that they want the hotel to be future-proof. The new intelligent and energy friendly lighting solution is one way of securing this, as its life span is extremely long. Moreover, the hotel will not constantly have to change light bulbs which were the case previously and has been both times consuming and costly.

In connection with the renovation of Glostrup Park Hotel, exceptional solutions have been created within lighting, video, and ventilation which creates a remarkably nice atmosphere in the hotel and the appertaining meeting and conference rooms.

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