Hanssted School

Hanssted school, located in Copenhagen, Denmark wanted to get a new, big outdoor playing field illuminated. The school wanted a nice illuminated playing field in order to make it useable at all times, also in the dark. Furthermore, it was important that the lighting units did not brake if they were hit by e.g. balls, which meant that they had to be very robust.

Our solution

In connection with landscape gardener Nicolaj Hudlebusch, Lumega's lighting designer David developed a customized illumination solution with LED to Hanssted school’s playing field. The solution is both energy-saving and environmentally correct and will save the school money on their electricity bill compared to traditional light sources. The entire solution is very robust, and the lamps are able to withstand ball games. Lumega has installed LED projectors at the playing field with optical instruments in front. They ensure that the luminaires only light up the field and do not bother the surroundings. Furthermore, Lumega has been able to deliver masts to the illumination and helped Klingenberg Anlæg og Kloak through the entire process.

All in all, Hanssted school’s playing field now has a nice and energy-efficient LED solution that will ensure sustainable illumination for many years in the future and only require minimal maintenance.

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