Herlev Ice Rink

Herlev Ice Rink needed to renew their illumination as previously, they had T5 fluorescent luminaires which was installed more than 10 years ago. The old luminaires consumed huge amounts of current and needed to be replaced very often. This resulted in great energy and maintenance costs.

Our solution

In order to minimize the energy and maintenance costs, Herlev Ice Rink contacted Lumega. Together with the ice rink, we prepared an LED solution which meets their every need and which can function properly for many years in the future. In Herlev Ice Rink, we have installed luminaires of the type NS54 which secures a great energy saving. Furthermore, we have installed DALI with every luminaire which makes them all dimmable and controllable. This ensures further energy savings.

A grid has been installed on the front of every luminaire which protects the LED from damages even though pucks hit it which several kilometers per hour. The luminaires are IK10 which makes the construction of the luminaire extremely hard-wearing and make them able to withstand the heavy strain. Therefore, they are perfect for sports centers, the manufacturing industry and in swimming baths with a tough environment.

The new LED solution enables the personnel in Herlev Ice Rank to change between 300, 500 and 750 lux as they want. 300 lux is enough for public use, 500 lux is used at practice matches and 750 lux is used when elite matches are played in the ice rank. Because of the new LED illumination, the ice rank has experienced a good comfort and it secures an energy saving on 64 % with a payback time in 3 years only, including the installation of the new luminaries.

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