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Høje Taastrup HTC Domea

86 modern apartments are being built in Høje Taastrup. The homes range in size from 70 square meters up to 100 square meters. In addition, this is a project where parking facilities are included as well as common areas. Move-in is expected in August 2022.

Project details


Bornholms Allé, Taastrup

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Google Maps


Steen Jørgensen El A/S


Mangor & Nagel Arkitekter A/S


Domea A/S

About the project

In recent years, Høje Taastrup has seen great development. Many residential buildings have been built in Høje Taastrup within the last 3 years. The whole urban development project is exciting to follow in Høje Taastrup because the districts themselves change quickly. In this project, we are talking about a residential building where 86 modern apartments will be built. In addition to the apartments, there is parking in an adjacent car park and at the same time there are also common areas for the residents. The project is expected to be ready for occupancy in August 2022.

Illustrations courtesy of Domea

The lighting system

The lighting system in this project consists of lighting on stairwells, parking facilities, common areas and outdoor lighting. Lumega has supplied wireless lamps for stairwells. The smart thing about these lamps is that they “talk to each other”. If a lamp detects a movement, it will inform the remaining lamps, which turn on accordingly. The smart thing about this type of lamp is that you can get a high energy saving and for the electrician there is an opportunity to save on the electrical contract. The financial savings come from the fact that there is a sensor in each lamp and therefore you only have to supply power to the lamp. No other types of sensors should therefore be installed in the stairwells. In addition, Lumega has been responsible for the delivery of linear luminaires, 60×60 NS50 luminaire, pendants and external lighting consisting of wall lamps.

Lighting for residential buildings

Lumega has extensive experience in carrying out tasks with lighting packages for residential buildings. Our entire setup is built on the fact that we can supply lighting for such projects at a very advantageous price. We have electrical installers who exclusively use us for the supply of lighting for residential buildings. They have given up asking other lighting suppliers because the price and quality cannot match what Lumega comes with. Take Lumega along for advice the next time you are dealing with a home building project. Use the contact form below and we will contact you.

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