Hørsholm Municipality

Hørsholm, a municipality in Denmark, wanted to change their lighting at Hørsholm ice skating hall into an energy saving solution which could be paid back in relatively short time. Previously, Hørsholm municipality had a solution with high-pressure sodium lamps which provided a fine light, but the lamps were expensive to run, not very flexible and sensitive to ice hockey games. Furthermore, Hørsholm municipality wanted the new lighting solution to comply with specific regulations, as TV-transmission should be possible after the renovation.

The solution

After numerous tests, Hørsholm municipality chose lamps from Lumega. All in all, 112 lighting units were changed to LED in Hørsholm ice skating hall. Lumega was chosen, as the lighting units are developed and designed to fit in manufacturing districts and this means that they can withstand ice hockey games and punches from fast pucks. In addition to being a stable solution, Hørsholm ice skating hall will experience an energy saving on 41 % which will result in an annual saving on about DKK 200,000. A general energy saving is one of the advantages when installing LED, but furthermore, an automatic switch-off function has been installed in the lighting units, which guarantees further savings. Because of the great savings, the payback time will only be in three years.
The lamps can be controlled via smart phone and they provide an even light. Moreover, they live up to all regulations within TV-transmission. The new lamps also generate 1/3 less warmth than the old with 400W high-pressure sodium lamps. Previously, Hørsholm ice skating hall has used a lot of money to cool down the ice because of the great warmth discharge from the old lamps. As this is not needed to the same extent as before, they will also experience a saving because of this. The new LED lighting units do not need to be changed in about 15 years whereas the old lamps had to be changed once a year. This saves Hørsholm municipality for great expenses concerning maintenance, as an access platform was required every time a lighting unit had to be changed.

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