Kastanievænget Residential Area

Kastanievænget is a small residential neighbourhood in Jutland, located 10 minutes from Skive Fjord. The neighbourhood consists of a mixture of single-family houses and youth apartments, which are situated in a small blind alley. All of the bathrooms underwent renovation in 2017 and we at Lumega was chosen to deliver a tailored LED lighting solution to the project.

Seeing that all bathrooms in Kastanievænget were renovated, it was natural to implement LED. There was a demand for waterproof luminaires with a high-end look for the neighbourhood’s 150 bathrooms. Apart from that, the length of the luminaires had to be customized, and Lumega was the only producer to provide that service.

The challenge

The fact that the length of the luminaire had to fit the length of the mirror in the bathroom was the greatest challenge about this project. The length of the mirror was 450 millimetres, and the luminaire could, therefore, neither overhang the mirror nor be too short.

Simultaneously, we were expected to deliver a luminaire with an appropriate IP code. IP is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection and indicates to what extent the luminaire is tolerant towards water and dust. For this reason, it was crucial to delivering a luminaire suitable for bathrooms. Additionally, the luminaire should match the rest of the bathroom and fit into the style.

The solution

The solution was clear to us. Our most recent model, NS50, was cut out for this project, seeing that it is an extremely flexible luminaire, which can be adjusted to fit individual needs, with reference to length, installation and look. In this case, we delivered a luminaire with a length of 450 millimetres and a height and width of 60 millimetres. It was installed on the wall above the mirror, wherefore it merged with the surroundings, which was one of the customer’s requirements.

Another requirement was to have an exclusive luminaire to match the rest of the bathroom. NS50 benefits greatly from similar luminaires, seeing that NS50 does not have any so-called dark spots. Accordingly, NS50 emits a clean light regardless of the luminaire’s length, which gives a consistent and sophisticated look.

The last requirement was that the luminaire should be resistant to water. Despite the fact that NS50 as standard is not waterproof, another version of the luminaire comes with IP65, which means, that it is suited for bathrooms as well as for outdoor use.

For this reason, NS50 was an obvious choice for Kastanievænget. In close collaboration with our lighting designers, we adapted the luminaire so it complied with the customer’s specific demands.

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