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Kristiansand Municipality invests massively in LED

Kristiansand municipality in southern Norway has energy renovated for a large sum of millions. This is a comprehensive replacement of their older fluorescent tubes for new LED light sources.

About the municipality

Kristiansand is in southern Norway and is the fifth largest municipality in Norway. The population is steadily increasing, and the municipality has the largest number of immigrants in Norway. The municipalities of Søgne and Songdalen were merged with Kristiansand in 2020, which increased the population significantly. Today, the municipality spans a larger area, which also results in large amounts of building masses of various kinds.

Drone image borrowed by Kristiansand Municipality

Over 60% electricity savings

The municipality has many buildings, some of which is of older date. This also means that some of the lighting has been installed for over 10 years. Many of the older fluorescent lamps were due for replacement and due to the size of the project, it was put out to tender.

In the tender, focus was placed on various requirements, including long life, good light quality and price. The tender was set up so that some of the solutions had to be retrofit solutions, i.e., where existing lighting fixtures are reused and integration of an LED module or retrofit LED light tube is installed. In other areas, the older fluorescent tube fixtures were in such poor condition that new modern LED lighting fixtures had to be installed.

The energy savings from this conversion have exceeded expectations and the current electricity savings are predicted to reach over 60% – In addition, there is less maintenance due to the longer life of the new LED lighting system.

The solution

Lumega has been the main supplier on the project in close collaboration with our Norwegian agent. The delivery has consisted of several thousand LED tubes to replace older fluorescent tubes. In addition, there have been a few thousand lighting fixtures. The project has run for approx. 6 months and is expected to be completed at the end of 2022. The municipality has since replaced large parts with LED lighting and will not face challenges next year when fluorescent tubes are phased out.

The municipalities face a great burden

There are several municipalities around Europe that urgently convene internal meetings about the new law with the phasing out of fluorescent tubes. It has come as a surprise to many that this phasing out comes so abruptly. The phasing out naturally paves the way for more energy-friendly light sources, such as LED lighting. LED lighting has a longer lifespan than fluorescent tubes and today the light quality is so much better than fluorescent tubes that there can be an improvement of up to 50% – With this as a starting point and the large energy savings that result, LED lighting can turn adapt so quickly that the replacement for LED can be completed before the end of 2025. This means that the climate accounting will look more advantageous and at the same time there will be a predominant tendency for the working time that was otherwise spent on maintenance to be spent on other more useful tasks.

Execution plan for replacement for LED lighting

Lumega operates in several countries and can contribute with the implementation of LED lighting. Our energy consultants will have the opportunity to review the buildings so that all the energy reports can be delivered, after which the decision can be made on a factual basis. Our approach to this area with LED tubes and the implementation of modern LED lighting fixtures is towards municipalities that we must reach the goal together. Therefore, there are no costs associated with energy reports. Lumega is a lighting manufacturer and thus the payback period will be extra short due to some steps being skipped in the process of purchasing the light sources and lighting fixtures. The team behind Lumega is ready to help with the most advantageous implementation in close cooperation with a local electrician in the municipality. Thus, we ensure that a local craftsman is involved in the process and the calculation is as advantageous as possible.

If you want to hear more about the possibilities, contact Lumega and arrange an initial virtual meeting.

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