Great Savings for Anneberg Transport with LED

Anneberg Transport is an international transport company whose specialty is dangerous and liquid goods, gas, waste and powder. With over 50 years of experience in the industry they are creating innovative transport solutions. Lumega made contact with the company and has since examined the potential for electricity savings on the installed lighting system.

The Solution

The actual replacement took place in close collaboration with El: con.

Anneberg Transport's administration building had old fluorescent lamps installed and although some of the lamps were actually okay, the old fluorescent lamps were replaced with LED tubes. The LED lighting made a big difference for the company, resulting in an energy saving of 60%.

In the hallways we replaced all downlights for new LED lamps. Our NS11 was installed, giving the areas twice as much light, better light quality and an energy saving of 30%. At their workshop there were also installed old fluorescent lamps, which were replaced at the same time with LED tubes from our Onestop product portfolio OS0028.

Anneberg Transport went from using 58W to only 25W, i.e. it is more than half the energy consumption. In addition, the LED lighting has given the company a much better and an even clearer light as well as minimizing maintenance, as the lamps' lifespan is 5 times that of old fluorescent lamps.