New LED installation gave Tim Hallen energy savings and better light

The idea behind Tim Hallen - it should be a gathering place for people of all ages. The place where people gather for all common types of sports. Tim Hallen had put out a tender for three different players, where Lumega won the project.

The Solution

The actual replacement took place in close collaboration with El:con.

We provided a complete new modern LED installation for the hall - including the multi-room, bathroom facilities, cafe area, toilets and other smaller rooms. Overall, it has provided energy savings of over 40%, but the most important thing to note in this case, is that the hall got twice as much light with a much better light quality than they had before.

The hall lighting used to consist of 4x58W fluorescent lamps, but we got our NS64 installed and went down to 150W. With loss in coil, this gives energy savings of more than 40%.

With the new lighting system, they can now control the lamps with DALI and thus create different lighting scenarios. For example, if the hall holds an arrangement that requires extra light, this can be done by pressing the display. The same is the case if less light is needed and another scenario will apply.

In the other areas NS11 and NS60 were used. In the bathroom, we used products from our Onestop product portfolio OS0064 and OS0079 for changing areas.