Nordforbrændingen is a power station located just north of Copenhagen, in a city called Hørsholm. This power station takes the regions’ trash and waste materials and turns it into heat. The mayor of Hørsholm & CEO of Nordforbrændingen wanted to convert the station into being more energy efficient. Lumega was called in on this project to provide the knowledge and overall guidance to the engineers behind it. We were guiding and consulting the project, to ensure that the new lighting system lived up to the strict energy requirements.

The solution

With a goal of making the entire power station, more energy efficient was Nordforbrændingen in need of a whole new lighting system. Nordforbrændingen needed a bright and powerful lighting system, with little or no maintenance – the perfect task for an LED system. The employees at the power station are working with heavy machinery among the enormous ovens. This necessitates a certain amount of consistency in the lighting of the working area. So to ensure the workers’ safety and an ongoing operation of the power station, the lux-level and the correct color temperature was the most important priorities of the project.

The working conditions for the LED system at Nordforbrændingen could not be better. The high ceilings and the constant draught of air in the building keep the temperature down, which can result in unlimited lifespan on the LEDs. The color temperature is neutral and bright, which ensures a clear lighting of the entire working area. The workers from Nordforbrændingen have, since our LED installment, expressed their satisfaction of the luminosity and working conditions. The mayor and CEO do also have their reason for being satisfied with their new LED solution, as it will ensure them an energy saving of at least 50 %.
Nordforbrændingen can now keep on doing their job of providing district heat to Northern Zealand – the only difference is that they will do it with less pollution while they are illuminated in a beautiful light from LEDs.

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