Nordisk Film

The Danish Shopping Centre Sillebroen, placed in Frederikssund, wanted to expand their business, and build a cinema in the shopping mall. Nordisk Film was therefore asked to build a new cinema in the mall, and Lumega have been developing the lighting system to fit every need for the cinema, and as a bonus, create an energy-saving LED solution that contributes to increased sales in the cinema.

Our solution

As Nordisk Film is building a brand new and modern cinema, the lighting set-up should match this. Therefore, Nordisk Film chose to contact Lumega and we were asked to do the job. Together with the very talented organizing staff, our talented lighting designers have tailored an LED solution that will create excellent lighting.

As the new cinema in Sillebroen Shoppingcenter will hold four picture theaters with more than 500 seats, Nordisk Film wanted the lighting to be energy-efficient. This is one of the reasons to choose LED, as it is far more energy-efficient than traditional light sources. Furthermore, an LED lighting solution has a very long lifetime, which means that Nordisk Film does not have to think about chaining light bulbs constantly. Another positive thing about an LED solution which Nordisk Film will experience is the very low need for maintenance.

Lumega has delivered a complete lighting solution with LED in the shop, in hallways, on toilets, and every entry in the cinema. Our specialists have tailored the LED lighting, as the lighting in the store, e.g. will create the right flow in order to increase sales of snacks. The lighting will heighten the customers’ experience of the cinema and will prove to be a very good solution for Nordisk Film’s cinema in Sillebroen Shoppingcenter.

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