Plejecentret Hørgården

Plejecentret Hørgården, a Danish nursing home in Copenhagen, has been through a complete renovation in order to modernize the nursing home and keeping it up-to-date. The nursing home was built in 1974 and exists of three blocks in five floors which have been changed into a modern care facility with 189 new homes.

The solution

During the comprehensive renovation of the nursing home, Lumega was asked to design and install a complete lighting system with LEDs. We delivered LED lighting that was specially designed for the 364 modern residential care facilities including lights in hallways and in the bathrooms.

The new LED lighting solution meets every new building and environmental regulations for 2020 and is a very climate-friendly way to light up the facilities. The LED lamps create modern, healthy, spacious and bright rooms which furthermore creates a better working environment for the staff caring for the patients.

Plejecentret Hørgården has been very happy with their new LED lamps and they have experienced an energy-saving on over 50 % compared to their old lighting solution.

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