Odd Fellow

Lumega got involved in the project, which became a reality in close collaboration with our advisor. The right lighting solution was found for the Odd Fellow which is now installed in most of the building.

The Solution

The Odd Fellow is a protected building in Copenhagen, built in the 1700s. It is located in beautiful surroundings that has been visited by many guests around the world.

Before the implementation took place, the chief operating officer had to replace the old bulbs once a week. Nevertheless, the LED bulbs that had been selected for "testing" were not approved because the light did not live up to expectations - hence the color of the light was not warm enough and the bulbs gave poor light quality.

That is why we at Lumega, together with our advisor, got involved in the project. We have implemented LED lighting in most of the building, which has resulted in a large energy saving of 36%. Consumption has gone from 18321 kWh to only 11667 kWh with the installation of coal wire LED bulbs from our onestop portfolio. The energy saving itself is significant and the lifespan is x10 versus the old bulbs.

A solution that gives the Odd Fellow Palace a repayment time of just 11 months!

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