Øresund Strandpark Apartments

The residential area and owners association, named Øresund Strandpark consists of four apartment blocks with up to seven stories. The entire project designed by architect Henning Larsen, which is to be completed by 2019, is eventually going to be 42.000 square meters of fashionable apartments.

In close cooperation with the Swedish contractor Fastighets AB and the Danish engineering consultants COWI, we received the responsibility to deliver the lighting solution to the buildings.

As new and fashionable apartments, in the modern part of Copenhagen called Øresund, it was obvious to implement the latest and most innovative products of the LED technology.

While neither the contractor nor Lumega could specify which type of lighting the incoming apartment owners should utilise in their apartments, we could at least try to influence them to use LEDs, by fitting an exclusive LED solution in the hallways and staircases.

Exclusivity was a highly important factor in this project. The absolute latest LED technology is compiled in this project to create a stylish and continuous look across the four fashionable apartment blocks.

The challenge

The customization of the lighting solution for the apartment blocks Øresund Strandpark was without a doubt the main challenge. A cheaper, more standardized lighting solution could have been provided, however, this wouldn’t differentiate from other apartment blocks in Copenhagen.

But through close dialogue with the contractor, it became clear that the lighting should not simply be a standardized solution. The lighting solution had to be exclusive and most importantly it needed to be continuous throughout the hallways, creating a complete and stylish look.

Thorough measurements had to be made in order to correctly align the linear fixtures with the hallways – in other words, the fixtures had to be customized to every hallway in which they were going to be installed.

The solution

Choosing the right fixture for this project was an uncomplicated process, as our NS50 is an exclusive linear LED fixture that can be customized.

One of the most important characteristics of the NS50 for this project is that it is a linear fixture with a guarantee of no dark spots. Dark spots would ruin the fluidity of a continuous row of light, and therefore also compromise the exclusivity.

The longest NS50 fixture delivered to this project had a length of 4,2 metres, while two fixtures with a length of 3,2 metres have been combined in several other places, equalling 6,4 metres of high-quality continuous lighting.

An NS50 fixture of 4,2 metres is not the maximum length, but simply the length that fitted the hallways best. Our NS50 does not necessarily have an upper limit, which means it can be customized in length to fit your project.

So if you are in need of a fully customizable linear lighting solution, with a guarantee of no dark spots, the NS50 is definitely the way to go. At Lumega, our specialty is customization, and this means that we can meet any lighting need possible.

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