Parking house Ejler Bille

Parking house Ejler Bille is a newly established carpark in Ørestad in Copenhagen. The parking house opened in January 2018 and has room for 600 cars. CPH City & Port Development, who is behind the carpark, wanted an energy efficient solution, wherefore we at Lumega was chosen as the lighting supplier for the parking house. Parking house Ejler Bille is located between the multi-arena Royal Arena and Parking house Richard Mortensen, to which we have delivered LED lighting as well.

During the last couple of years, hundreds of new constructions have been built in Ørestad. Beyond that, Royal Arena opened in 2017, and altogether, this has created a huge demand for parking lots in this part of Copenhagen.

The challenge

For this project, there was not much of a challenge. CPH City & Port Development, who was behind the construction of Parking house Richard Mortensen as well, wanted to repeat the success. The requirements remained the same, which meant that the luminaire should be energy efficient and resistant to external impacts such as strokes.

The solution

For this reason, the solution was simple, seeing that our luminaire NS57 complies with all the requirements. NS57 is a linear LED fixture, which is specially designed for parking houses.

Due to a plug and play system, the luminaires are easy to install, whereupon they can be connected. Apart from that, NS57 comes with a sensor, which adjusts the light depending on the activity level. In parking house Ejler Bille the light is dimmed to 50%, but this can be adjusted depending on the customer’s needs. Additionally, the luminaire has a lifetime of approximately 60,000 hours, which entails that NS57 can contribute to energy savings of around 70% compared to traditional fluorescent tubes. In this case, the return on investment is, therefore, one year.

Apart from an energy-efficient LED fixture, CPH City & Port Development wanted a robust product. A parking house is one of the most exposed environments for a luminaire and for this reason, a luminaire with a high IK classification was necessary. NS57 has IK07, which means that the fixture is resistant to strokes.

At Lumega we are therefore experienced when it comes to LED lighting for carparks and whether it is about energy upgrading or construction of a new parking house, Lumega is the one to choose.

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