Parking house Richard Mortensen

The parking house Richard Mortensen is a newly established multi-story carpark, which is located in Ørestad in Copenhagen just five minutes from the multi-arena Royal Arena. The parking house opened in September 2017 and has room for 280 cars. CPH City & Port Development, who is the corporation responsible for establishing and driving parking facilities in Ørestad, considered the parking house’s lighting carefully and therefore, we at Lumega got the distinction of delivering an energy efficient LED system for the project.

In extension of the opening of Royal Arena in January 2017, a rising demand for parking facilities in Ørestad has emerged. The arena has a capacity of 16,000 spectators for concerts and 13,000 for sports events and for this reason, the area, which also consists of numerous private residences and corporate facilities, has experienced a struggle for parking lots.

The challenge

CPH City & Port Development wanted linear LED luminaires for the entire parking house and, as a matter of course, we at Lumega had to meet a range of specific requirements. First of all, our solution had to be able to perform well in an exposed environment such as a parking house. Consequently, there was a demand for a luminaire with a high IK code, which indicates the luminaire’s resistance towards punches and other sorts of vandalism.

Apart from this, high-quality lighting was one of CPH City & Port Development’s top priorities in terms of the establishment of the parking house Richard Mortensen. The corporation wanted an energy efficient system, which, at the same time, had to be as maintenance-free as possible.

The solution

While considering the lighting for the parking house Richard Mortensen, we found that our high-quality luminaire NS57 was the perfect solution. This linear LED luminaire is cut out to parking garages and, at the same time, it met the requirements of CPH City & Port Development. NS57 is a robust luminaire, which emits a clear and intensive light without dark spots. However, this does not affect the expenses, seeing that NS57, particularly, is an energy efficient luminaire. In this parking house, NS57 is suspended from wire straps, but the luminaire can be mounted in the ceiling as well depending on customer needs.

What makes NS57 unique is the fact that the luminaire is extremely easy to install. The integrated plug and play system makes it possible to click the cables together and combine the luminaires. In that way, you can almost diminish the time spent on installing the luminaires by 50%, which, altogether, contributes to making NS57 a fairly cost-effective solution.

In order to increase savings even further, CPH City & Port Development opted for a sensor, which adjusts the light depending on the level of activity in the parking garage. When no activity is registered, the light dims to 50%, but this can be adjusted to fit the customers’ needs. Further to the luminaire’s expanded lifetime of approximately 60,000 hours, the sensor can contribute to energy savings of up to 70%. This basically makes NS57 maintenance-free.

Accordingly, NS57 was the optimal lighting solution for CPH City & Port Development with reference to the construction of the parking house Richard Mortensen in Ørestad, Copenhagen.

Application in practice

In the video below, Lumega's CEO, Rune Larsen, takes you to the parking house Richard Mortensen in Ørestad. He tells about NS57’s many advantages and compares the LED lighting to a similar tex: parking garage, to which Lumega has not delivered the lighting system.