Pilehaveskolen - Energy Savings with LED Lighting

Total renovation of Pilehaveskolen containing construction and energy saving optimization and we, at Lumega, helped delivering almost all of the lighting to this project.

The Challenge

Pilehaveskolen, located in Vallensbæk municipality, should have a comprehensive renovation focusing on energy savings indoor and outdoor. Our challenge was, when we reviewed the school’s existing fixtures that it consisted of, among other things, fluorescent lamps. We installed a lighting solution that benefits the employees, children and at the same time lives up the goal of energy-saving lighting using LED.

The Solution

We’ve supplied most of the lighting to this project.

Pilehaveskolen had a desire to implement a lighting solution that was extremely energy-saving and efficient. Therefore, our main focus was designing a lighting solution with sensors, which mean the light goes out when there’s no movement and it regulation in relation to natural daylight.

Our CEO tells a little more about this project in this video - we hope you'll watch it!

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