Lighting System - Private Villa

We work with many different types of projects within the commercial and private sector. For this project, Lumega delivered a complete lighting solution for the outdoor environment – in close collaboration with Concept Gardens.

The Solution

Lumega has designed beautiful indoor and outdoor environments for hundreds of homeowners, and this case is no exception.

For this lighting system we installed a warm light color with high color rendering, which is very similar to the halogen light source we know. The only difference and an extremely attractive advantage LED offers compare to traditional lighting sources, is its longer life span. At the same time, in this case, the customer had the opportunity to reduce energy-saving by 80% - that’s why they chose an LED solution in the first place.

Most of our products are designed with the end-user in mind, and the reason why we’ve done that are simple. We will offer high quality products, in a Scandinavian design where aesthetics and symmetry are some of the keywords. Our lighting system in this project, illuminates the outdoor environment, gives the customer an energy-efficient solution and the installed lamps fit the building architecture beautifully.

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