Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel wanted to renew their entire halogen lighting solution in the hotel. Radisson Blu wanted a solution that could ensure an energy saving as well as keeping the maintenance to a minimum. Moreover, the hotel wanted a solution which would minimize the power use when cooling down the lighting equipment.

The solution

The ideal solution for Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel was to renew 1500 light sources to new LED lighting, including LED spots, LED bands and build-in LED spots. As the hotel’s light is switched-on day and night it was very important to create a solution which would ensure a great energy saving. Radisson Blu can expect an energy saving on 85 % when having installed the new LED solution. Also, the long hours of operation ensure a short repayment period on just about 3 months.
Furthermore, Radisson Blu wanted the same white, warm color that the previous lighting solution with halogen provided. The hotel had had troubles finding any lighting source which matched this desire, but after getting in contact with Lumega, their wish could be met. At Lumega, a lot of different LED solutions, which provides this very popular white, warm light, are sold. Therefore, it was no problem to meet the expectations of Radisson Blu.

As mentioned above, the hotel wanted to minimize the power use when cooling down the lighting equipment. The new LED lighting at the hotel saves Radisson Blu a lot of power as the new solution develops ¼ less warmth than the previous lighting solution. Moreover, the indoor climate will be improved.
Additional to great energy saving, nice light and minimized power use for cooling down the equipment, the hotel’s new solution has an extremely improved durability. The new LED lighting does not need to be replaced until 8 years after the installation whereas the old halogen light source needed replacement three times a year.

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