Large Residential Project - Felt B

Lumega delivered lighting to a project at Island Brygge, consisting of 78 residentials on 4 floors with associated underground parking, with a total of 92 parking spaces.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was its unique needs to the luminaire’s sizes and colors, so we delivered a customized LED solution to the project is located at Havnebryggen Felt B, a part of Island Brygge. Lumega installed lighting for stairway, hallways, parking area and the outdoor environment.

The Solution

Hallways - We implemented our linear luminaire NS50, giving a beautiful clear light for the purpose. As well as implementation of Samsung LED boards with a driver, which of course matched the length.

The same goes for our product NS85. These bollards got delivered with specific RAL color to match existing furniture, and customized to 400 mm in height so they fit nicely into the outside environment.

In the parking area they got installed our Triproof luminaires, OS0079, which has 130 lumen per meter. A much higher level compared to fluorescent tubes. In these luminaires a sensor is installed and gives reasonable energy savings. This means, for example, that it is possible to reduce the brightness to 30% when there is no movement and up to 100% by movement.

At this solution clearly illustrates, we at Lumega can customize LED solutions for any project. All you have to do is contacting us and we’ll have a talk about your needs.

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