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Roskilde Public Swimming Pool

This is probably the most exclusive swimming pool in Denmark that made it on the map. Roskilde swimming pool covers everyone's needs and more.

Project details


Bymarken 37, 4000 Roskilde

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Google Map


'Kemp & Lauritzen'




Roskilde kommune

Roskilde Public Swimming Pool

This is probably the most exclusive swimming pool in Denmark that made it on the map. Roskilde swimming pool covers everyone’s needs and more.

About this project

Roskilde swimming pool has had its history in various media, most of all due to the construction did not keep within the budget. This made serious dents in the schedule, which moved the deadline. The swimming pool’s project implementation was originally to take place from 2014 with the start of construction in 2017. As the swimming pool was originally to open its doors at the beginning of 2019, the actual opening could take place in 2021.

With these challenges, the swimming pool is now open to everybody’s excitement. It offers everything from a beautiful spa area to a 50-meter pool. The building is definitely worth a visit due to its great facilities. Over time, it must be expected that the landscape architects have done their job well so that all the green areas around the building can form an oasis.

Illustrative images kindly borrowed from Creo Arkitekter A/S


At an early stage, Lumega was chosen as the main lighting supplier for the project. We have mainly been responsible for all general lighting. In addition, we’ve also worked on concepts in the spa area so that the necessary atmosphere could be achieved. As it is a larger public swimming pool with many different types of users, the lighting design in the spa needed to reflect this. We comply with the lighting standards, but at the same time we had to achieve a cozy atmosphere in some areas. It can be a challenge, but as the architects had conceived beautiful daylight windows, Lumega in combination with these could create a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Lighting for swimming pools

Lumega is behind the lighting of many swimming pools in Denmark and Sweden. There can be a big difference in the lighting solutions we can implement in existing swimming pools, which are looking for new lighting for the brand-new buildings, such as Roskilde swimming pool. What is common to both lighting solutions is our approach to including users and possibly an entire focus group. Thus, we eliminate errors when implementing the new modern LED lighting system.

With a lot of experience in the bag, Lumega can help with the right lighting for your next swimming pool project. The process is very simple. We can get out and inspect the existing building. In the case of new construction, an initial meeting will be preferable.

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