Sandkajen Nordhavn

Nordhavn is currently most innovative part of Copenhagen in terms of architecture. Contractors from around the world fight to get their take on converting old warehouses and silos into fashionable apartments. The public areas in Nordhavn have to be as modern as the fashionable architecture that is appearing all around the city. At Lumega, we got the task of delivering public LED lighting to the docking area ‘Sandkajen’ that had to match the modern architectural surroundings.

With the task of delivering public LED lighting products that had to be in-sync with the fashionable area, while still being capable of resisting a rough outdoor environment, we got to work with our lighting designers. The docking area is a total of 400 metres and was, by the moment of establishing it, set to be a centre of attention for the 1,700 residents living by the dock, tourists and visitors from other parts in Copenhagen.

The challenge

Being a modern and fashionable residential area, the fixtures had to be decorative to match the architecture, while still functional enough to safely illuminate walking paths and steps. The safety requirement was though above all, as poorly illuminated steps could result in people hurting themselves, or even falling in the water. Being a dock, the factor of saltwater had to be considered. Water, and especially saltwater, can rapidly wear any lighting fixture. Saltwater can in the same rapid manner like chlorine get into the fixture and cause internal damage like verdigris and rust.

In our considerations before choosing the right LED solution to this project was also the fact that Sandkajen was set to be a centre of attention in the summertime, potentially attracting loads of people. With loads of people gathering and passing by, there was going to be a great chance of vandalism. Because of the risk of vandalism, we had to deliver a robust solution, capable of resisting shocks and bumps.

The solution

We found that our NS96 was perfect for the task of lighting up Sandkajen dock. Our lighting designers wanted the NS96 because of its decorative, yet highly functional, illumination capabilities. NS96 is a very compact fixture, specifically developed to being built into pavements or wooden constructions like the Sandkajen dock. As seen in the pictures, the NS96 fixtures are mounted horizontally with the floorboards, creating a beautiful decorative light, while still lighting up the steps to prevent people from falling in the water.

Technically speaking, the NS96 was also the optimal choice for this task. Being a ground spot LED, the NS96 is extremely robust, capable of resisting up to 2 tonnes of pressure. This means that they are practically repellent of vandalism. The incredible robustness of the NS96 is obtained through a housing made completely out of copper and stainless steel. The NS96 is furthermore waterproof with an IP67 certification, which means that it is more than capable of resisting the saltwater at the Sandkajen dock.

The solution to Sandkajen was hereby composed with thorough considerations to both the practical and decorative requirements, in close corporation with both our talented lighting designers and the contractors behind Sandkajen dock. Do you have a lighting project that requires the same amount of considerations of various parameters? Let Lumega prepare the just right LED solution for your project! Contact us today, to get a free estimate of the cost and savings of your lighting project.

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