The residential housing Sorgenfrivang II in Sorgenfri, Denmark have been through an extensive energy renovation and the project is the first in Denmark to receive the certification of sustainability, DGNB. Sustainability has been the most important focus in the process and therefore, Lumega was chosen to be in charge of an energy-efficient and environmentally correct illumination solution with LED.

Our solution

In connection with the extensive energy renovation, Lumega has delivered the illumination for all corridors in the building which exists of over 3 km of LED strips distributed on several floors. The LED illumination ensures great energy savings. When installing the solution, we have made sure that every LED strip can be dimmed and controlled via DALI which ensures further energy savings, as the light is turned off or dimmed when no one uses the rooms and corridors.

LED strips on unique measurements
We have used Lumega's LED strips and aluminum LED profiles for the project. Lumega's LED strips can be delivered on unique measurements which considerably decreases the electrician’s workload as he does not have to waste time on cutting and adjusting the LED strips from Lumega; they can be installed without any adjustment. Our aluminum LED profiles fits perfectly with the LED strips and are easy to mount which has been a great advantage.

NCC have gotten a unique solution from Lumega who was chosen as the best and cheapest solution among 4 other contractors. We have made sure that the products are of the best quality, as we only use quality LEDs from Samsung. With the complete solution from Lumega, Sorgenfrivang has experienced an energy saving on over 40 % and at the same time experienced better illumination which makes it secure to go about in the building.

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