At Sticks’n’Sushi, exclusiveness is in great focus. The chain of restaurants emphasizes good quality as well as wanting to secure that the guests have a good experience every time they visit one of the 13 restaurants in and around Copenhagen. As the restaurants at Tivoli Hotel and on Rungsted harbor were to be designed and build, Sticks’n’Sushi invited Lumega on board in the process in order to secure a lighting solution that could contribute to the special and exclusive atmosphere, which they strive for and which is already a part of their brand.

The solution

As Lumega is one of the leading experts on exclusive LED solutions, we have been able to customize a perfectly fitting lighting solution to each of the restaurants. Sticks’n’Sushi wanted a solution that would create a nice atmosphere in both restaurants.
The restaurant on the 12th floor in Tivoli Hotel had limited space for lighting installation but it was not a problem to find a fitting solution, as LED lights are not space consuming. Lumega installed several meters of Kandiflex lighting strips as indirect lighting in order to create contrasts in the dining area. Kandiflex is the most robust LED strip on the market and can easily be adjusted. The same type of light was installed under the top cupboards in the kitchen, which assures good and even lighting. The suspended lamps in the restaurant in Tivoli Hotel, called the clouds, has been staggered in the outer part of the restaurant in order to create a nice atmosphere. Moreover, they are equipped with integrated light-emitting diodes that can be dimmed if needed.
There has also been a great focus on nice and even lighting in the restaurant at Rungsted harbor, as well as a possibility for light dimming inside the restaurant in order to make the light dimmable if needed.

The entire lighting solutions in both restaurants appear exclusive and with great details, which has helped to secure an impressive look and create a nice atmosphere, just as Sticks’n’Sushi wanted.

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