Svendborg Kraftvarme A/S

Svendborg Kraftvarme A/S, a combined heat/power station (CPH-station) in Denmark, have a great focus on the environment and climate. Therefore, they wanted to improve their lighting solution. Previously, the CPH-station had installed big and old 400W high-pressure sodium lamps and halogen lamps with a yellowish and poor-quality light. The old lamps resulted in major power costs. Also, the lamps needed to be changed every year in order to maintain the light quality.

The solution

As the environment and climate are very important to Svendborg Kraftvarme A/S, Lumega replaced their entire lighting solution with environmentally friendly LED-lamps. As a substitute for the old, yellowish poor-quality light, the LED lamps provide the CPH-station with a nice, white neutral light. The new lamps provide an infinitely better lighting quality and a better color rendering than the previous lamps.

After changing their lighting, Svendborg Kraftvarme A/S saves 131,129 kWh every year, which brings the payback time down to only 1.5 years. Also, the light can be controlled by the employees and dimmed when needed which makes the savings even bigger. As the lifetime of the new lamps is 8 times longer than the previous solution, Svendborg Kraftvarme A/S will also save maintenance costs.

All in all, Svendborg Kraftvarme A/S’s new LED lighting solution will provide them with environmentally friendly lamps with an extremely good light-quality. Also, the CPH-station will experience great energy savings.

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