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The Court Theatre

With its 250 years, the Court Theatre is one of the oldest theaters in Denmark. It is therefore an honor for Lumega to be part of this renovation. Many different professional advisers have been involved in this project. Everything from lighting designers, architects, and consulting engineers. The solution will also speak for itself when the entire lighting system is installed. It is expected that the court theater can open its doors at the end of 2022.

Project details


Christiansborg Ridebane 18, 1218 København

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SIF Gruppen A/S




The Court Theatre

About the project

The court theater is located in the first part of Christiansborg Castle near the royal riding track. About the project, Gerti Axelsen, Deputy director of the Palaces and Culture Agency, says: “The theater is a listed building, and therefore it will be a gentle restoration that we are now embarking on. We are preserving and conserving the beautiful fixtures at the same time as we are improving the technical installations so that the theater will function optimally in a modern context.” The project involves lighting designers from Theloveoflight, Lundqvist Tegnestue, Maali & Lalanda and Ramoll as overall consultant. The project’s electrical contractor is handled by SIF Gruppen.

Illustrations courtesy of the tender material

The lighting system

Lighting at the court theater consists of many different lighting concepts. All the lamps had to be carefully approved before they were produced. What has been particularly in focus is light quality, dimming intervals, lamp designs and last but not least their light distribution. Lumega has been responsible for a total delivery for the project consisting of wall washers to light up ceilings equipped with drivers that could dim down to 0%. In addition, built-in spots and built-in fittings have been delivered. Other lighting concepts such as rail spots, in a retro theater special-design expression, are also supplied by Lumega. The lighting project was completed from Lumega when we also got approval for the remaining lamps for the renovation. These lamps include everything from panel lighting in specially designed dimensions and linear lighting fixtures painted in black.

Lighting for theatres

Lighting for theater projects is not normally something Lumega handles. But with this project, however, we have proven that such tasks can be carried out. Specially manufactured lighting solutions provide a high probability that we can carry out lighting tasks for other theaters around Denmark and elsewhere in the world. In this project, extremely high requirements were set for the lighting. In that Lumega has fulfilled these requirements by specially designing and developing, we can certainly take a closer look at your project to achieve the right lighting which not only protects the older architecture, but at the same time creates the exact desired atmosphere. Use the contact form below and be contacted for a more detailed dialogue.

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