The Municipality of Kolding

The Municipality of Kolding has intensified its focus on energy savings, which includes anything from sustainable energy to green LED lighting. For that reason, we were contacted by the home care department in the Municipality of Kolding, who wanted a complete solution with energy efficient and healthy working light for its employees.

The challenge

For this project, we were given a free rein, and along with the Municipality of Kolding, we established the best conditions for the employees. The only demands from the municipality were that the lighting had to be energy efficient and of high quality. The challenge for us was, therefore, to find the best possible solution in terms of which products we should offer.

The solution

However, the solution was relatively simple. The municipality chose our Turnkey solution, which is an overall solution for companies. At Lumega we offer Turnkey to those companies, who want LED lighting without having the opportunity to install the lighting themselves. In that context, we were responsible for anything from the lighting design to the delivery and installation of the lighting plant.

For the project, we chose two products, which matched the home care’s demands and requests.

First, we offered our panel light NS60, which was installed in office spaces and similar rooms. This is one of our most energy efficient luminaires, wherefore it was cut out to this case. NS60 comes with either 3,000K, 4,000K, or 5,000K, and, moreover, it is available with Tunable White, which means that the colour temperature changes in line with the circadian rhythm.

Apart from NS60, our wall-mounted LED luminaire, OS0001 was installed in the bathrooms. This luminaire is extremely energy efficient and comes with the same options with regard to colour temperature as NS60.

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