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The waterworks at Søndersø

Lumega has been the main supplier and shared the delivery with two other lighting suppliers. Including parts of the exterior lighting and some individual areas in the building. Lumega has delivered technical lighting in the waterworks and all administration.

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Ballerupvej 70F, 3500 Værløse

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Comprehensive modernization of several of waterworks

When the 5 waterworks are completed, they will be able to supply the Danes with 50 million cubic meters of clean water per year. This corresponds approximately to being able to supply 350,000 households. HOFOR is at the forefront of this extensive modernization. The waterworks at Søndersø is one of the largest, which was ready at the end of 2022 with its 6,000m2.

State-of-the-art waterworks

Modernization has paved the way for some of the most complicated techniques for purifying water. The technical installations have been particularly in focus. The lighting is a small part of the technical contract, but significant, as extra strict rules had to be observed. Because without the usual density classes, there was a great focus in the project on a low UGR and a high energy efficiency. These are two parameters that cannot always be easily achieved. With a shield for the lighting fixtures, we succeeded in delivering a lighting system that not only has a very high lm/W, but also delivers a low UGR, so glare is at a low level.

The lighting system

Lumega has been the main supplier and shared the delivery with two other lighting suppliers. Including parts of the exterior lighting and some individual areas in the building. Lumega has supplied technical lighting in the waterworks and all administration. Our lighting system consists of fixtures listed below:

NS59, basic fixture with extra effective shielding for lower UGR. The fixture is delivered with a high system energy efficiency, which ensures that the lux level can be met with low energy consumption.

Administration and adjacent rooms for employees are equipped with NS10 downlight, NS60 panel luminaire, NS50 linear luminaire and NS44 wall lamp for stair towers. All luminaires with a high energy efficiency.

Lumega has also been responsible for the delivery of LED flashlights, which are approved for EX areas. These flashlights are included in relation to safety in the event of a power failure in the building.

Although there were many versions of the lighting calculation, COWI and Lumega reached the goal with the right location and values ​​that meet the necessary requirements for such a lighting system.

Involved contractors

With NCC as main contractor and CD Automation as electrical contractor, there has been a good and professional dialogue throughout the process. The same was the case with the architectural firm PLH Arkitekter and COWI, which was responsible for consulting on the project. Throughout the process, the developer HOFOR has shown great interest in maintaining the quality and putting the requirements into perspective.

Image courtesy of HOFOR

Several industries have tightened the requirements for lighting and therefore have not yet changed to LED lighting. This is even though there are large energy savings to be had. Energy savings are not everything for industrial companies and therefore closing times for a production company must always be considered when replacing lighting. At the same time, there must be a focus on the quality of the light. There are many examples of LED lighting installations where only energy savings are considered. This is the easiest to achieve. Light quality and a good working environment can be difficult. Therefore, professional lighting design and assessment of which types of lighting make the most sense for the respective areas must always be carried out. The waterworks at Søndersø had high demands. Yours doesn’t have to be at the same level. You are welcome to contact Lumega to discuss whether we could collaborate on the project.

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