Uno X gas stations

Uno X wanted to change their existing lighting equipment at numerous gas stations. They stressed that it is very important to have welcoming gas stations with a nice light, as a dimly light at the gas stations can result in the loss of customers. Uno X wanted a long lasting and energy saving solution.

The solution

Uno X got the ideal solution from Lumega as 2,500 lighting units were changed into LED lighting units. As Uno X stressed, it is important that the lighting at gas stations is welcoming, because a dimly light can result in the loss of customers, as the customers want well-illuminated gas stations. The new LED lighting ensures the desired welcoming light.
As gas stations use a great amount of power on lighting under the roof, the new LED lighting units will more than halve the size of the power consumptions. This means that, aside from the great light, the new LED lighting units will create a great energy saving compared to the previous solution.
Uno X tested eight different lighting units to discover the best matching LED solution. After several tests, the lighting units from Lumega were chosen as the framework agreement at all Uno X gas stations.
The new LED units do not have to be changed for 15 years, whereas the old lighting units had to be changed once a year. This saves Uno X for great expenses concerning maintenance as an access platform were required every time a lighting unit had to be changed.

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