Valby Retirement Home

Scandinavian Property Development has been responsible for this redevelopment of a large industrial property in Valby. It consists of a thorough remodeling where the exterior walls, stairs and other major building structures were retained, but the rest modernized. The total area is 5355m2 and the user is Fonden Danske Diakonhjem.

About this project

It was a complete renovation of an old industrial property in Valby. The project now has 66 modern homes for the elderly, common areas, several roof terraces, where the largest at the top offers a view of a large parts of Valby. This resulted in a beautiful and functional building. Residents as well as staff are met by bright and open environments.

Illustrations kindly borrowed from Scandinavian Property Development A/S


Lumega has been responsible for the complete lighting package. It consists of several different lighting concepts. In the common room near the large roof terrace, the round suspended pendant NS40 was chosen - Where we used NS11 in many of the corridors. In the homes, there has been a focus on a general lighting consisting of OS0009 as a recessed lamp, in addition to the widely used NS50 with up / down light. This linear luminaire was mounted on the wall above the bed, and it is possible with a button, to control the brightness and on / off function of the upward directed light as well as the downward directed light. This ensures the best light for the staff, but also for the residents, who can read with good lighting. An exciting challenge has been the lighting concepts such as a very narrow beam spot over the toilets. The narrow beam light ensures that the resident only focuses on the toilet bowl and thus does not focus elsewhere when using the toilet.

In addition, Lumega has provided special lighting in the basement area. Here our NS60 lamp with RGBW function is used. Thus, several different types of colours and brightness’s can be controlled. This project is launched solely to use the light to work with the residents to a positive degree.

Lighting for retirement homes

At Lumega, we can mention that our competencies in lighting for retirement homes are extremely good. With over 12 retirement homes in the bag, Lumega can help with everything from very technically complicated lighting solutions to lighting solutions that aims to ensure better well-being. We work in close collaboration with all stakeholders within these constructions and can contribute to a professional approach to lighting for the architect, consultant, turnkey contractor, or electrical installer. No matter who is involved, we will always be fast and professional with a lighting design containing the best lighting solutions.

Success with a lighting system requires the right lighting partner. Bring Lumega and make use of our trained lighting designers, who can lead you through a new world with modern LED lighting - Where comfort reaches new heights.

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