Vallensbæk Riding Center

Vallensbæk Riding Center is a large and modern facility, situated in scenic surroundings close to Copenhagen. Vallensbæk Riding Center has facilities that caters to both the beginner and the experienced rider. Lumega has created a light installation that consists of LED luminaires, which are specially developed for sports halls, but which are also usable in other contexts such as riding halls.

With the lighting solution from Lumega, Vallensbæk Riding Center receive a high energy saving, which does not flicker in the light and possesses a special quality of light. In this specific project Lumega was extra aware of choosing the right lighting, as horses are very sensitive to flicker and reflections in the light.

In the new lighting, Lumega has built in an extra module which ensures a minimal flicker in the light. The LED installation from Lumega has received a positive response from riders. The installation has increased the joy of training for the riders as well as for the horses. If you want to know more about which lighting there is recommended for horses, get the same consultant who has been responsible for this project.

The lighting used for this project: OS0050, NS64 (riding halls), OS0075 (stable)

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