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Get Free Lighting Design for your next Project

Get a free and professional lighting design - completely free of charge!

We believe that transparency, dialogue and technical support from the start of the project to the final result are delivered, are the cornerstones of a successful collaboration between you and us. Our professional lighting designers, special-educated and well-known in the industry, help you visualize the lighting solution so you know what you are saying yes to.

We give you the opportunity to see your unique and customized lighting solution before the installation begins. You get a visual overview of the lighting design, which ensures the right insight in the project.

The Process


Lighting Design Report

We prepare a report that will give you a complete overview of the entire lighting solution before you choose to install it. It will include different parameters, e.g. calculation of the LUX value at any location in the project.



Our professional lighting designers create various visual layouts of your lighting solution. It will give you a detailed impression of how the solution will look visually. This way we ensure that you get exactly the lighting that meets your requirements and expectations.

Professional Lighting Design for your Project

It's free!

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