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Converting to LED lighting is a beneficial investment for both individuals and commercial companies. But at Lumega, we know that a complete LED system can be somewhat expensive. Even though the return on investment time on LEDs is typically short, the size of the initial investment can be discouraging.

How to afford LEDs?

At Lumega, we believe that everybody has the right to have energy efficient LEDs of the highest possible quality! This is exactly why we offer you a range of finance options, which will enable you to afford an LED solution that benefits both our planet and your wallet.

In addition to offering a preferable option of leasing through our close collaboration with Jørgen Breinholt, one of the leading leasing experts in Denmark, we are also collaborating with EKF (Denmark’s Official Export Credit Agency). The previously mentioned EKF is a government controlled and highly acknowledged credit agency, which allows us to offer finance options for large projects such as urban renewal projects, hotel construction etc.

We can, therefore, provide finance to any project regardless of the size or complexity, and therefore help you to obtain instant savings.

With a finance option from Lumega, we match the monthly payment with the energy savings provided by the LED system. The finance option, therefore, becomes a zero solution, as the monthly repayment equals the energy savings from the LED system.

When the investment is returned, and the LED system has saved you the equivalent of its value, you are left with 100 % of the savings directly from your bottom line. Whether you choose to save these or invest them elsewhere in your business, is completely up to you.

Check out the infographic below that explains our Leasing, ESCO and Turnkey options, of which we make available by offering to every single one of our customers.