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Financial Models – Approved by EKF

Who is behind this?

Lumega is approved by EKF, and through this we offer you flexible financing models that can be based directly on the savings that the LED solution will generate. The energy savings, when combined with an attractive financing solution, will be a guaranteed cheaper solution if you have existing traditional sources of light installed. This guarantee is secured solely through the LED solution as both energy consumption and need of maintenance is significantly lower than any other source of light.

EKF was established in 1922 and is owned and guaranteed by the Danish state. In 2016 alone, EKF provided credit guarantees of no less than 55 billion Danish kroner (more than 7 billion EUR), across well over 100 countries.

Our financial models

*The interest rate is dependent on the credit guarantee provided by the respective organisation’s bank

The finance models apply only for projects above 100.000 EUR. Projects above 5 million EUR may require further documentation. Every finance model ultimately needs to be evaluated and approved directly by EKF.

It is a strict requirement that private as well as public organisations are not listed in Dun & Bradstreet. In advance of the finance model being approved and implemented, Lumega require the following documentation:

  • A letter of credits by the respective organisation’s bank
  • A copy of the organisation’s financial report of latest closed year
  • A copy of the organisation’s operating budget of the current year

If we at Lumega do not find the enclosed documentation sufficient further financial clarification or documentation may be required before approval.

The Letter of Credit and contract of financing is evaluated by Lumega’s bank and the organisation will be notified within 5-8 working days from receipt.