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Do you want to benefit from the many advantages of LED, but avoid the high expenses related to implementation? With a leasing agreement from Lumega, it is possible to receive this. At Lumega we believe that everybody has the right to a good working environment including healthy and efficient LED lighting.

How does LED leasing work?

If you wish to replace your existing lighting solution with LEDs, Lumega offers a leasing option where you lease our lamps. As a lessee of Lumega’s LED solutions, you avoid numerous launching expenses such as the costs relating to lamp purchase and installation. You will still experience all the great advantages of LED which includes great energy savings and an improved quality of light.

When converting to LEDs the energy savings will often be so high that you are able to cover the monthly lease payment with your savings. Therefore an agreement as lessee can be extremely attractive to the customer who does not have enough capital to change the entire lighting solution but still wishes to experience the benefits of LED lighting.

We offer full implementation of the LED solution, which means you can enjoy all the LED advantages straight away without any inconvenience. When choosing the Lumega leasing option, you are ensured a secure collaboration with professional solutions. At Lumega, we have a close collaboration with Jørgen Breinholt, one of the most experienced specialists in the leasing industry. At Lumega, Jørgen Breinholt will contribute with his profound knowledge and expertise and thereby assure correct leasing agreements are prepared to conform to the current legislation.

The leasing agreement can advantageously be combined with our Turnkey solution, where Lumega manages the entire lighting solution and controls the maintenance. On agreement of a leasing agreement, you will be provided with a contact that can provide guidance in the event of any problems or questions.

Click to watch the video below that explains how a Lumega leasing option can benefit your business.