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Turnkey is the perfect solution for the customer who requires LED lighting without any complications. At Lumega we offer a turnkey solution where you, the customer receive a comprehensive solution. We know that time is money for you. With a Lumega Turnkey solution, you and your company are left to do what you do best and focus on your business, while we plan, install and service your LED solution.

What is a Turnkey solution?

A turnkey solution is best explained as a comprehensive solution, which is a popular choice among commercial companies that have no expertise within LEDs but want to convert to LEDs. On the introductory meeting before a turnkey agreement is made, your expectations and wishes regarding the lighting will be noted. Lumega will at this point take full control, and organise everything from the lighting design to the installation. Furthermore, an extended service agreement is included in the turnkey solution if any problems should unexpectedly occur.

Our turnkey solution can be combined beneficially with our leasing solution, which means that we handle your entire lighting solution. A combination of these means that not only will we take care of choosing the right fixtures and install them, but also the payment, which will match the monthly energy savings of the system. Without moving a muscle you can get a complete LED system planned specifically for your project, including a service agreement, and only pay the equivalent of the energy savings.

The infographic below illustrates how a turnkey solution works.