Indoor Lighting

Interior LED light fixtures come in many different sizes and shapes. While some are developed to provide a bright and functional light, others serve the mere purpose of looking good and to decorate a room or an object with their light. Common to all of them though, is the energy efficiency, longevity and high quality of light.


The market for commercial office lighting solutions has for a long period of time been dominated by fluorescent tubes – but the old fluorescent tubes have now met their superior: LED office lighting. Is it really worth changing do?

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Residential Lighting

We often see choosing greener lighting gives you even greater savings on several parameters. That’s why an LED system have far more beneficial than traditional lighting – even though it’s cheaper solution if you’re looking short-term.

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Restaurant/Bar Lighting

Imagine that you are in a restaurant: The food is amazing and the cocktails are just the way you prefer them – but do you give any notice to the lighting? Probably not, but the lighting in bars and restaurants have a lot to say about the atmosphere and your impression of the experience.

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Shop/Retail Lighting

The right lighting in stores is extremely important. Did you know that with the right appearance of your store and products through lighting, you can increase sales? If the lighting is of poor quality, and the location of it is also not strategically well considered, your store may, on the other hand, appear unprofessional.

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LED Warehouse Lighting

Traditional lighting is often expensive in operation, has a higher energy level and requires more maintenance. It has therefore become popular for both distribution centers and warehouses, to think greener and here LED is an obvious option.

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Lumega is also delivering lighting for other segments

Poor Indoor Lighting Can Negatively Affect People

If you think about it, shouldn’t we utilize LEDs advantages especially when we spend so much time indoor? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many spend most of a day in poorly lit offices, and return home to equally poor lighting. The wrong kind of lighting has a far greater impact than you may think or even are aware of – it can adversely affect your sense of well-being, mood and productivity.

Let Lumega guide you to the right LED replacement for poor indoor lighting.

Indoor LED lighting strips are perhaps one of the most popular LED products among private consumers worldwide. LED strips can be mounted at places, where other sources of light could never reach. While being for mostly decorative purposes, LED strips can be mounted in or behind kitchen cabinets, eliminating the need for built-in overhead cabinet halogen spots. More functional indoor LED lighting fixtures like downlights or spots, provides the same warm but bright light like halogen spots, using an 80-90 % less energy.