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Aluminium LED Profile

LED profiles are loose aluminum moldings in which you can mount LED strips. All profiles have a plastic cap in front which protects the LED from water, fat and other splashes.
Aluminum LED profiles are a perfect solution if you wish to install LED strips under the upper counters in the kitchen. You can also use the profiles as illumination at edges in corridor spaces, at stairs and as over-head light. The profiles can be shortened to fit the desired length and you can put numerous profiles together to make the installation longer. The LED strip can be mounted in the profile after it has been installed with screws. Afterward, you only need to clip on the plastic cap.

With the aluminum LED profiles, you get countless possible applications. They are perfect for indirect illumination, which creates an exclusive atmosphere in the illuminated room. It is possible to mount the strip in a way that gives off-light in one direction, for instance towards the ceiling or the floor, or even in two directions which creates a perfect light. When the light is switched on, the profiles disappear behind the LED lamps. As the profiles require minimal space because of their small size, they are perfect for application in places where a traditional lamp would not fit or as a substitute for a fluorescent tube. The LED profiles are even available in a special model that fits into corners, and as long as the profiles fit, it is possible to light up the area with LED light.

The profiles create a constant and consistent light and they protect the LED strips against damp, dust and other unwanted particles. They also make cleaning very easy, as you can just use a damp cloth to wipe off the profile. The easy cleaning and the consistent light makes the LED aluminum profiles perfect for the kitchen. They secure an even illumination and can be easily mounted under the top cupboards.

The supply line can either be pulled out of the end of the profile or a hole can be made on the back of the profile in which the line can be pulled through. If someday the LED strip needs to be changed, this is extremely easy. All you need to do is pull the old LED strip off and install the new, as the aluminum LED profiles can be reused.

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