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Filament LED light bulb

The filament LED light bulb is a light bulb with a retro appearance. The LED light bulb has the same expression as the traditional carbon filament light bulbs and provides the same, warm light. But when you choose a LED filament bulb instead of a traditional carbon filament light bulb, you will experience a lot of advantages. The LED bulb has the same look as the traditional bulb and can be used in lamps where the light bulb is part of the design – exactly as the traditional carbon filament light bulbs. Furthermore, the LED light bulb provides extremely warm and pleasant light and the color rendering is almost similar to the incandescent bulb which means that it renders the colors well. The light is transmitted in 360 degrees, which makes the light flow all the way around the lamp, and is available in 2200K, 2500K, 2700K or 6000K.

The lifetime of the filament LED light bulb is 15,000 hours which is a lot compared to the lifetime of the traditional light bulb on 1,000 hours. When changing to the LED, you will experience an energy saving on 85-92 % which makes the payback time very low; only 4 to 8 months.

The new LED bulb fits perfectly into the existing socket and it can be dimmed nice and stable with most dimmers on the market today. Lumega Filament LED light bulbs are part of an OEM agreement. We always use the best quality products and manufacturers.

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