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GU10 LED Spot

GU10 LED spots are the perfect substitute for the traditional 220V halogen spot and it offers various advantages. GU10 LED spots provide a nice and pleasant light and the light quality is extraordinary good. The light is similar to the warm light which is known from the traditional halogen light source. As GU10 is identical with the halogen spot in size and shape, it can be installed as a replacement for the traditional light source without any trouble at all.

The LED spot has a very low energy consumption and is extremely energy-efficient which secures great energy savings on up to 90 % compared to a traditional light source. This great energy saving enables you to have a payback time on under 1 year. Furthermore, the lifetime on GU10 is 30,000 hours compared to 2,000 hours which is the lifetime on a halogen spot.

As the LED has been pulled back and a reflector has been installed in the front of the lighting unit, you have secured a non-blinding light. As the light is UV and IR-free it does not warm up the surroundings, and GU10 can be used near temperature-sensitive objects. The GU10 LED spot has a color rendering on 95Ra and it is available with a color temperature on 2700K, 3000K or 4000K. The spot can be dimmed nice and stable with the majority of the light-dimmers on the market.

GU10 can be used wherever you want and as a substitute for the traditional halogen spot, for example in hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés. Lumega GU10 spots are part of an OEM agreement. We always use the best quality products and manufacturers.

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