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LED strips

Flexible LED strip lights, or LED tape, have within a relatively short period of time gotten extremely popular. Architects and designers around the world are implementing the LED strips into their projects at an increasing rate. The rise of the LED strips is explainable; as the market for lighting solutions has gradually gotten a grasp of the fact that the old incandescent bulbs are out.

The technological improvement of the LED strips has also played a role in the rise in popularity. LED strip lights were previously confined to smaller decorative lighting applications and task lighting. LED strip lights have become more energy efficient, have more colour options, more brightness, longer lifespan and best of all – they can be installed with ease. The popularity of the LED strip lights is, however, no surprise for us at Normasym Lighting. We have been studying, trying and testing various LED strips for so long now that we can offer you the best LED strips on the market. We want to give you a little of our knowledge of the infamous LED tape in general, but also why we believe that you are well situated by choosing Normasym products and solutions.

One of the most important things to look after when buying LED strips is the brightness and temperature of the light. These can be measured in different ways. The most common way of measuring this brightness is through Lumen, which is also called ‘stream of light’ and is a measurement of the total amount of light that is emitted from a source of light. This can be difficult to calculate with no expertise, but the easiest way might be through a lux measurement, which is lumen divided with square meters. To give a little perspective, a working environment should have 500 lux, while a normally dimmed room should have 200 lux. The colour temperature is also important, and that is measured in Kelvin. The Kelvin measuring unit might not ring a bell, but a colour temperature comparison might will: candlelight is around 1200Kelvin and average sunlight is around 5000Kelvin. But at Lumega Lighting, you actually do not have to choose the colour temperature. We can deliver a LED strip solution that enables you to change the colour temperature when you want. This means that you can use the LED strips as bright task lighting one day, while changing it into being warm and cosy the next day.

Wattage consumption is very important when looking for your LED strip lights. The power consumption is the main reason for the LED technology to gain popularity in the first place. The market for LED tape, and LED lights in general, does still have its rotten apples. Some manufacturers choose quantity over quantity, meaning that the LED technology they use is out dated and therefore a lot more power consuming than the modern LED technology. At Normasym, however, is quality our main focus. We use Samsung LED’s in our solutions, which secure a highly stable LED solution, but also a solution that is 10-15 % more energy efficient than other LED strips on the market. The quantity-focused manufacturers are not very liable when it comes to verifiable quality of their LED strips in general. Some manufacturers ‘tune’ their strips into being brighter, but this will decrease the LED lifespan drastically. The Samsung LEDs in Lumega solutions, will give you 20 % longer lifespan than other LED strips on the market – so when we say quality, we mean quality!

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